Toxic Self-Reliance

Throughout my life I have been self-reliant and independent. I started dressing myself at 5 and taking myself to school at 6. I was raised by a very independent woman who put her needs first but always did her best to care for her family also. Her and…

Expectations are defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “the act or state of expecting: ANTICIPATION.” Essentially when you expect something from someone else you are anticipating their action, be it with or without communication.

In the world of relationships (be it romantic or otherwise) there are two different kinds of…

Life is too short to believe that you are not deserving of love.

I, like many people in the world, have had an incredibly difficult life. Filled with so much trauma and pain, that I do not know how it was that I was functioning at all. It was only until I started practicing yoga and meditating again that I realized that I…

Kimberly Dameri

Hello Friends! I am simply a person who is just doing the very best she can in her life to be a better person and live her best life. Follow me on my journey!

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